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Weekly Tap Challenge - WEEK 7


As we all know, last Tuesday was the Blackout Tuesday, a collective action to protest racism and police brutality. I participated by not posting the Weekly Tap Challenge last week.

Now it's a new Tuesday and this week I chose my other pair of Dr. Martens. This pair is relatively new and I really didn't have time to wear them in before the quarantine started. Now I can say that they are ready and it only took one tap class. What an effective way to wear in new shoes with zero blisters!

Compared to the other pair I wore earlier this model has a more chunkier rubber sole. I thought it would be really difficult to tap with this pair but honestly I was positively surprised. The chunky rubber sole makes the sounds deeper and of course it makes the shoe heavier. Regardless I was able to do the combo without any major problems. And if you put it this way, I got a good leg workout lifting the more heavier shoes!

This week's theme was the score of Stormy Weather. Monday May 25th was also the birthday of the legend Bill "Bojangles" Robinson and the International Tap Dance Day.

Until next week!

*Choreography: Justin Boccitto (Instagram live class with Common Ground tap)


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