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Weekly Tap Challenge - WEEK 9

Hi everyone!

Unfortunately this week will be the last since I officially ran out of shoes. It has been fun nine weeks with this challenge and for sure I'll come up with something else soon, so stay tuned!

My last pair of shoes was Minna Parikka's Bunny heels. Oh my! My first problem to solve was how to keep the heels on, so I came up with an idea to use my transparent hair ties and that actually worked pretty well.

The other problem was the height of the shoe heel, almost 2 inches more than my tap heels. But I got used to it pretty fast. Usually tap heels have either 2,5 inch or 3 inch heel and these heels had 4,25 inch heel.

Otherwise there wasn't too much friction and the sounds were pretty good, maybe a bit too soft. But I definitely enjoyed this week's challenge because you'll never know what type of a shoe they might make you wear in a show. And also after this my 2,5 inch heel tap shoes feel probably like flats.

This week's theme was the score of Something Rotten that is also one of my favourite tap shows.

Thank you everyone for watching my Weekly Tap Challenge videos and sharing this experience with me!

*Choreography: Justin Boccitto (Instagram live class with Common Ground tap)


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