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Weekly Tap Challenge - WEEK 6


This week I wore my Tarsala's winter boots and those are one of my last pairs left to choose from. After last week's total surprise with the rain boots, these shoes were the complete opposite. I thought I wouldn't be struggling with this pair but pretty soon I realized that these boots were just not made for tapping. I was able to do the combo but these shoes were way too loose and they didn't really cooperate with my feet what comes to precise articulation and especially the time steps made the shoe's heel slide down. It means that when my heels should be off the floor, mine were but the shoe's heels were not and that makes it difficult to avoid any extra sounds.

But, I think these shoes at least looked good and are still perfect as winter boots. I'll just keep it that way in the future. Also this week's theme was 42nd Street which is one of my favourites and it made me so happy!

Until next week!

*Choreography: Justin Boccitto (Instagram live class with Common Ground tap)


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