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Weekly Tap Challenge - WEEK 5


It's Tuesday and that means it's time for the Weekly Tap Challenge!

This week I wore my Fiorucci's rain boots. I knew this week was going to come eventually and one Tuesday I'll have to pick my rain boots. Today was the day. But, I was so wrong! These rain boots were the easiest and the most comfortable pair of shoes I've tried so far. Who would have thought, at least not me. There was just the right amount of friction, I didn't have to kill my feet to make sound and they even stayed on really nicely. And of course this week's style, John Bubbles, added its own twist to it and I was pretty close to my comfort zone. Loved it and these rain boots just became my go-to tap shoes at home!

Until next week!

*Choreography: Justin Boccitto (Instagram live class with Common Ground tap)


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