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TAP CHALLENGE - Christmas Calendar DAY 1

So many times I've been asked to continue my Weekly Tap Challenge and here it finally is - The Christmas Calendar! Thank you all for your kind words and feedback with the tap challenge so far!

I will be posting 24 different videos, mostly tap, but I might include some other dance styles as well. This time the theme is: improvisation! Meaning that all the little combos are fully just improvisation: music on, camera on and lets roll- type.

Lets see how this turns out. I do love improvisation as a tool especially when I'm creating new choreographies but this is really the best way to refine my skills.

I will be posting these on my Youtube Channel (Emmi Salonen), Instagram (@emmiserafia) and will share the link here as well.

Today's song is "It's the Holiday Season" by The Count Basie Orchestra.

I'm wearing my LaDuca taps for this one.

Stay tuned and happy December 1st!


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