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Greetings from Helsinki! I'm back in my home country until this horrible worldwide pandemic begins to ease. But luckily I have been quite busy working.

Right after my quarantine ended in the beginning of September, I was offered a job to take over the tap department at Espoon Tanssiopisto, which gives me 5 groups to teach and to choreograph for. This also brought me back to my rhythm tap background and to dig deeper to that genre but of course not to forget my LaDuca tap heels and Broadway tap either. Thank you Espoon Tanssiopisto!

Couple weeks back I was also offered a job at Tampere Conservatory to start teaching ballet two days a week. It'll be busy times for me this upcoming spring, teaching both at Espoon Tanssiopisto and Tampere Conservatory, but sounds good to me!

I have some other exciting news but can't tell yet, stay tuned!

Happy Holidays!

Ps: Thanks to Alan Highe, I was able to be part of this amazing project, Text Me Merry Christmas, which is part of his new Virtual Musical series. Felt so good to perform again, it's been too long!


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