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AlfaTV's Interview


As some of you already know, I was interviewed by Tomi Lindblom for AlfaTV's Koronastudio (live TV broadcast) on Tuesday May 19th. The interview can be found online in case you missed it and my part begins at 29:20. For my English speaking friends, a summary of the interview in English can be found below.

Here's the link:


Good morning Emmi Salonen in New York!

Good morning!

It 's must be early morning there?

Yes, It's 7:30 in the morning here in New York.

This is very exciting since we just interviewed someone before you from Bali, where the local time was 7:30 in the evening. This just shows how big the world is but nevertheless, the Coronavirus brings us all together. How does Coronavirus affect your everyday life in New York?

In some parts of the state some restrictions have been lifted but in New York City we are still under the stay-at-home order and asked to stay home as much as possible. The infection rates are still too high to start reopening the city.

In which part of New York you live?

In East Harlem.

On Manhattan?


So as you mentioned earlier, you are ordered to stay home right?

Yes, the only reason why I go outside for now is to go for running. We also order our groceries online with my roommates. New York City, especially Manhattan is very highly populated and that makes it difficult to keep six feet apart from others.

You mentioned that you order groceries online, are you not allowed to go grocery shopping at all?

Yes, but it's more safe to order online if possible. Also I would have to take the subway in order to go to a supermarket and currently we are recommended to avoid the subway as well.

Especially New York City has really high infection rates and death toll, how does that effect to the atmosphere? Are people scared?

Yes, of course it has an impact but lately the weather has been really nice and warm and I feel that it definitely has had a positive impact to people in New York. We have not lost hope, and I feel that it really helps to think positive and focus on the good things.

How has Coronavirus effected to you everyday life?

I'm a performer and this situation currently makes it impossible to do my job. My jobs and shows were almost immediately cancelled or postponed. So my everyday life has changed completely. I usually only came home to eat and sleep and my schedule was really busy but now I'm spending my whole day at home. This has been a completely new daily life for me.

New York's governor has been very active with media, how much do you follow the news about the Coronavirus?

In the beginning I watched the news every day because of the lack of information and nobody really knew what's going to happen. But lately it hasn't been discussed in the media that much and also the upcoming presidential election has taken a lot f attention in the media. I feel that it's not a bad thing to have a little break and focus on the other, positive things.

Are you able to do any work currently and have you made any future plans after Coronavirus?

I'll take classes at home as much the space allows since we all know how tiny these New York apartments are, and I've also been filming some tap videos for my blog. I have work opportunities that are postponed until the situation gets better. Now I can't really do anything about it but to just stay positive.

That is a good advise. Thank you so much for the interview and have a great day!

Thank you and you too!



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